Asin Thottumkal – I will be less choosy

Asin Thottumkal
Asin Thottumkal
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Asin Thottumkal


Queen of Kollywood

5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
Asin Thottumkal, was born on 26th October, 1985. This fiesty actress has an unusual name, ‘A – Sin’, which means without blemish. She hails from Kerala and is one of the most popular actresses in the film industries of Southern India. She has already received three Southern Filmfare Awards.
Asin Thottumkal turns 25 and for people who have been wagging their tongues saying that the South Indian actress is too choosy when it comes to signing a Bollywood movie which is why she has only done three films so far, we have news for you.

“I am looking to do more work in Bollywood, maybe get a little less choosy,” Asin shoots.

“I have Ready, which will release next year and I’m reading quite a few interesting scripts. It’s been almost two years in Bollywood and I want to do more projects here. I want to concentrate on the industry here in a big way and I have my plans. The selection of movies will certainly depend on how I have been choosing my movies so far which means the script and the character that I’m being approached to play will be the foremost focus for me but I will be less choosy for sure,” says the sassy star, who landed in Bollywood like a meteor with Ghajini but saw her second movie London Dreams tank at the box office.

Asin is also in for a big surprise bash in Mumbai on her birthday as her friends from US, UK and Australia have all landed up in the city to ring in her birthday. “It’s such a pleasant surprise. I don’t know what’s in store for me but with them around I know that it will be a lot of fun. They actually coordinated their schedules to be in Mumbai for my birthday. That’s really touched me. For me birthdays are generally low key. I like celebrating them with my family and close people. But this year I think it will be crazy,” she ends.